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April 18, 2008


michelle @ TNS

the only thing better than one ice cream? two ice creams.


I've been wanting to try saffron ice cream. It must be wonderful. By the way, where do buy your saffron? Do you purchase it online or from a store? I hear Costco is going to start selling La Mancha saffron...

Fearless Kitchen


Thanks for your comment!


The saffron ice cream was great. In answer to your question - I get my saffron wherever I can find it! I've picked up some okay saffron at the local supermarket, although I haven't seen it at any of the local chains since. I usually get it from vendors at conventions of history enthusiasts - a lot of historical recipes call for saffron. The next time I go to one I'll see if they sell online and post the response. I've seen it for sale at Whole Foods, although not consistently. If Costco starts selling a name-brand saffron I'll be so happy....


The only time I've had saffron ice cream, it was at Molana's ( ) and it was heavily-laden with rosewater. While I know that's right up your alley, it kind of threw me off a bit. Nonetheless, saffron + ice cream = good stuff.


Two different lots of yellow icecream sounds just perfect to me. Thanks for supporting LiveSTRONG With A Taste OF Yellow.

Fearless Kitchen


You know, I thought about rosewater. I went so far as to pull the bottle out of the cabinet and put it on the counter. It sat there, tempting me. "Rose-y goodness," it said. "You know you want to..." But saffron has a pretty delicate flavor, and while it can work well with rosewater I think rosewater would overpower it if not used in a very minute quantity, and where's the fun in minute quantities of rosewater? :)

Sue | Cater

Don't you just love saffron, I love how it changes the color of food, and this is just such an unusual ice cream yummy my taste buds are going mad!!!

Fearless Kitchen

Sue - Give it a shot sometime! Saffron is such a delightful flavor, and a little really does go a long way.

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