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October 26, 2008



While I did not get the opportunity to try the mushroom pie, I was fortunate enough to be in the test sample for this one (along with the cheese and onion) and it was definitely my favorite. The saffron and raisins weren't quite what I'd expected when I heard about it, but it came out delicious.

Thanks for posting the recipe. I'd love to give this one a go, as it was absolutely fantastic.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

I love this medieval savoury pie series, especially this garlic one.

Fearless Kitchen

JS - I'm glad you're enjoying it! They were a lot of fun to make. I've been getting such a kick out of going through these old recipes from all over!

Luke - thanks for the comment, and for helping to test the redaction! You should definitely give it a shot, it's a lot of fun to make.

Sue | Cater

This is quite the dish, not sure if I would be able to have this not too fussed on the raisins

Fearless Kitchen

Sue - I'm not generally a big fan of raisins myself. I was trying to keep it really close to the original recipe, because I was making this specifically for an historic-recreation event. If I were making it just for myself, I'd probably leave out the raisins too.

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