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December 16, 2008


Susan from Food Blogga

Amaretto in the afternoon. That beats a cup of tea. ;) I love almond cookies too. Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays!

Darius T. Williams

You know - i'm in love with these little cookies - yours look pretty darn good!


Wow 17c a cookie? I'm starting to think local bakeries are ripping me off. I know a place that charges 3 dollars for a thumbsized piece because it had a pinch of fleur de sel on it.

Fearless Kitchen


I've heard some people put amaretto IN their tea, which sounds heretical to me but if it works for them :)


I'll admit they're hard to put down. I only make them if I'm bringing them someplace else, so I'm not tempted by them when I should be eating healthy!


Well, I'm not calculating in the overhead or value of my labor....but it sounds like that bakery at least has a good racket going!

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