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February 07, 2009


Vincent F. Cuenca

Hey! Nice to see my work is still in use! Sorry the turnovers didn't work out as nicely as you'd hoped. The filling does have a tendency to expand while cooking. I've had great success doing these as tartlets: just line muffin tins with crust, fill and bake. E-mail me at bootkiller AT hotmail DOT com if you want more tasy medieval goodness.

Fearless Kitchen

Vincent - Thanks for your comment! And I wil cheerfully admit that I really enjoy your translation. I like the tartlet idea - not so sure that they would have traveled so well to that event, considering all the stuff jammed into the car that day. I think the original would have worked better if someone else were making the pastry - pastry has been the bane of my existence for a very long time, which is why I'm always trying to make it work :)

Icf Scotland

I have a nice cheat for you if you live near a Trader Joes... I use the Trader Joes brand baking mix. It's whole grain with oats as well. All I do is sub melted butter for the oil called for in the biscuit recipe and leave to rest for an hour before forming my pasties. Mmmmmmm

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