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February 11, 2009



This salad sounds delicious. I love that it has fennel and beer in it. How much better could it get?!

The Duo Dishes

Love fennel. That slight licorice scent is to die for. A big forkful of onions, potatoes and fennel must be heaven in this dish.

Daily Spud

Well, how could anyone not love potatoes :) Intriguing recipe - I happened across another potato recipe involving beer today too. I'm definitely going to have to try that combination out!

Lori Lynn

Oh this sounds excellent. I don't see much aji amarillo used and I love it. Made an oyster taco sauce with it last year in May, and I am about to write about it in the next week or so with potatoes, too. I love all the interesting ingredients in your dish.


all of this ingredients, cippolini onions, Aleppo pepper, aji amarillo, bottle beer must be adding such a nice flavor to the salad.

Fearless Kitchen

Elra - thanks! It actually did give it a nice flavor.

Lori Lynn - Thanks! I'm a fan of aji amarillo, but it's hard to find recipes that actually call for it. I haven't even found it for sale around here - mine was brought back by friends when they went to Peru!

Spud - The Diet Police would probably complain about using two carbs (potatoes and beer) but I locked them out that day.

Duo - I've got a real fennel weakness. It's definitely the best winter vegetable!

Emily - beer makes everything better. Well, okay, maybe not everything. But it makes a great ingredient!

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