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May 04, 2009


Haley W.

I like the idea of adding clove to the tomato sauce to make it something really special. Do you think it would work as well if the cloves were dropped into the tomato sauce in a cheesecloth sachet, then removed before serving? Just curious. Great recipe - thanks for posting!


There is just something about the happy potatoy pillows of joy that puts a smile on my face. I suck at making them though and end up hating life halfway through the process.

You can never go wrong with garlic!


What a great idea to add cloves to a tomato sauce. Can't go wrong with gnocchi!

Angie's Recipes

Clove-flavoured tomato sauce sounds intriguing and special.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

I love gnocchi and they sound just delicious with a clove sauce - I definitely have to try it!

Fearless Kitchen

Natasha - The first time I saw a clove sauce I was really excited. I thought, "Great - something I can do with these besides make hot cider!" It's a really fun and easy sauce.

Angie - It is a little unusual, but you might consider warning guests that the cloves are in there.

Cucinista - I like gnocchi, and it was something a little different from what we'd usually get.

Jeff - I was LAZY when I made this, and just used store-bought gnocchi. I'd love to try making my own at some point, although your comment gives me a little pause :)

Haley - There's no reason that you couldn't use cheesecloth. I just don't tend to have any on hand. So I didn't :)

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Clove sauce is very intriguing!

(P.S. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. My condolences.)

Kim da Cook

I just love gnocchi and usually have it with a three cheese sauce or a Neapolitan sauce, a clave sauce is differently different

Fearless Kitchen

Kim - Thanks! The clove sauce is a little unusual, but I'm a big clove fan so I like it.

JS - Thanks. Grandma was very sick, so it's a blessing that she didn't linger in that state. We'll miss her, of course, but no one likes to see their loved ones in pain.

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