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June 15, 2009



~ Mouthwatering ! I'm going to make this over my Sunday brunch for my friends...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe~

And if you can visit me I can visit you :)


The Duo Dishes

Good to note about not making ahead of time. We love cutting corners by prepping what we can. Sometimes it's not always possible. Looks pretty though!


Of course we didn't mind the juice-soaked crust! That's one of the tastiest things about a fruit pie or tart. The strawberry, peach, and cardamom flavors were delightful together.

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

So pretty! Strawberry and peach sound great together in this delicious tart!


Good combination... Looks so good and yummy !

Angie's Recipes

I need something sweet now....ahh.....something comforting....
Nice layering ...

p.s. Chef E told me that she had a slight problem to go to my comment section, it kept going back to an area with "no comment". Have you encountered the same problem? Using a new template, is never as easy as I thought....


What a gorgeous tart!!

Fearless Kitchen

Deborah - Thank you!

Angie - Thanks! Too bad the crust didn't work so well...

Jyoti - Thank you!

Natasha - I've really been loving strawberry and peach lately, not sure why but they do seem to work well together.

Laura - you're very kind.... thank you!

Duo - I usually prefer to do stuff ahead of time so I can spend time with my guests, but (as here) it's not always the best plan....:)

Foodcreate - Thank you!

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