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September 23, 2009


petite nyonya

Such a long time since I had pizza. A pizza party sounds just great to me!

Angie's Recipes

Haven't had really good pizza for a looks great!
Angie's Recipes

Ron W

There's a great grilled pizza recipe on the German Grill website. Until you've had grilled pizza over a quality charcoal fire, you haven't lived.


We loved the "pizza bar" idea of letting people make their own! Fun and encourages sharing while the next pizza is cooking.

Fearless Kitchen

Chris - Thanks! This would probably also be a fun idea for a kids' party, if everything was prepped in advance. (The thought of my niece, for example, with sharp knives fills me with dread.)

Ron - I'll pass that on to FG, thanks for the tip!

Angie - you'd be surprised how hard it is to find decent pizza in the Boston area. The best solution is to make your own.

Nyonya - Thanks! Pizza is a great dish because it is so easy to make at home - I remember my mom used to do it and hers were always the best.

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