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July 23, 2011



This bread sounds so interesting. I've never made anything like it! You're fearless!

Fearless Kitchen

Maureen - thanks, but I shouldn't get credit for fearlessness on this one. It took me such a long time to work up the courage to try it! It was such a tasty bread, though, that it was worth it.

Nawal Nasrallah

I read with interest your attempts with this bread. I have been making it for years now. There is nothing to fear about it except as you say the dough starts to get a life of its own. There is a picture of the baked bread on the back cover of my Delights from the Garden of Eden. As you notice it should develop some bubbles.

I would be glad get together with you and bake it to see how wonderfully it really works.
. And as you say, the kids would love making this bread.

By the way, no need to use sugar.


Robert Carignan


Recently I ran down to the neighborhood market (we have two or three local markets in Portland outside of the four big chains - Hannaford, Shaws, Whole Foods & Trader Joes) because I needed something for a quick supper. At Rosemont Bakery & Market they sell an Iraqi flatbread made by a small family business. Portland, Maine, being a seaport, has always had a rich immigrant tradition. Western European until the early 20th century, Eastern European and Asian beginning about thirty years ago and now African and Middle Eastern.

Anyway, I picked up some Iraqi flatbread nd it was delicious! It had a soft center and not at all like the standard American "pita."

I'm attempting to mix the dough in my bread machine on the "dough" cycle. Should it be so wet! it almost seems like a thick batter.

Thanks for the blog,
Rob Carignan
Portland, Maine, USA

Robert Carignan

Well, that didn't work out at all. I think the dough was TOO wet. It was like a big pile of goop. I couldn't even form it into a disk, it was just a mess.

I ended up baking it into small loaves in a six loaf pan I have.

We'll tray again in a day or two.

Rob Carignan
Portland, Maine USA

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